The Diabolic - S.J. Kincaid

S.J. Kincaid tells a great story. Too bad no one knows about her.


The Insignia Trilogy is her first, and it's worth checking out if you like YA light ScyFy that skews more toward young than adult and more toward fy than scy. It started out fun and got to brilliant by the third book.


The Diabolic is her sophomore effort. It's a YA light ScyFy stand alone...and that by itself is a big plus for me.


Don't we all need more quality stand alone's in our lives?


No sophomore slump here. The Diabolic was great.


It's future ScyFy YA, and this time it's a bit more adult than young. The characters are excellent--including a strong female lead, and the story was engaging. There's a realistic love interest (no geometric shapes involved--another plus), some good character growth, and a satisfying ending.


Diabolic's are human-engineered body guards who form an unbreakable bond with the person they are designed to protect. They are singularly focused killing machines with no emotion, feelings, or motivations outside protection of their charges. But what happens when protecting your human means you have to pretend to be human?




We get a cool book to read.


There were parts that dragged a bit. Love made the strong female character a little less strong. Like Insignia, the science fiction is quite a bit more fiction than science. There's some strong violence, but nothing that I would keep my teenagers from. No sex, no language. Plus, plus.


Many more pluses than minuses here. Give The Diabolic a try, and add S.J. Kincaid to your list.


Happy Reading!


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