The Rook - Daniel O'Malley

The Rook frustrated me for the first 40 pages or so. 


I was expecting a serious mystery with a supernatural twist, but this crazy author kept trying to be light every time things were getting heavy.  What the heck?  Doesn't this guy know how to write a proper serious mystery with a supernatural twist?!


Ya, probably. 


But I hope he never does.


Because it turns out I'm a bonehead.  The Rook was never supposed to be proper.  Or serious.  Or heavy. 


Turns out, it's much, much better than that. 


This author isn't crazy at all.  He's actually awesome.


It's much harder to write a supernatural-thriller-mystery mixed with laugh-out-loud-funny, out-of-my-mind creativity, stories within stories, flashbacks, and characters with brilliant superpowers.  All while delicately spoofing the supernatural spy thriller I thought I was going to read.


Too much for one book, you say?


Only if your lame and boring, I say.


Plenty of colorful metaphors (of the four letter variety).  Out side of that, there is plenty of fun, lots of slime, ooze, liquefied people, and more X-Men than the X-Men.


I can't wait to read book #2!  Oh, well, I'm mean once the e-book isn't $13.99.  Then I won't be able to wait!


Just wait till you read the one about the duck that can tell the future...


Happy reading!