The Girl with All the Gifts - M.R. Carey

Wait...this book is about zombies?


Those sneaky publishers. Let's put that pretty yellow cover on it! Let's make the little-girl silhouette open and hopeful! Let's definitely not give any hint to what the book is really about in the blurb!


I'm glad they didn't though. If they had, I wouldn't have read it.


I would have missed out on a really good book.


While there is plenty of cringe-worthy zombie action, it's much less overtly gory and gruesome than other zombie stories I've been tricked into starting (but not finishing...because GROSS!).


Maybe it's wrong to say this is a book about zombies.


Better to say it's a book about people--featuring zombies.


The Girl with All the Gifts will get your emotions all twisted when the bad guys do what bad guys do. It will make your heart hurt and then soar as the good guys do what good guys do. It will make your brain muscle work as you ponder some great ethical dilemmas.


Oh, and it'll get your blood pumping while everyone tries to keep from getting eaten.


If zombies normally make you queasy, maybe give this one a try. There is still plenty of "ew," just not as much "ew" as you might expect. Lot's of 4-letter words too.


Sound like something you can handle? This one's worth your time.


Happy Reading!


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