The Dark Talent: Alcatraz vs. the Evil Librarians (Alcatraz Versus the Evil Librarians) - Brandon Sanderson

You guys are going to love this.


If you and your kids aren't fans of Alcatraz and all his Talents, is only because you haven't read about him yet.


Puns, jokes, clever characters, snappy dialogue, an outstanding and exciting plot. Hidden messages. Breaking the 4th dimension. I'm talking laugh out loud fun. Give them to your kids. Read them to your kids. Read them yourself.


If you like audio books, the performance and quality is outstanding.


Seriously, these are the most fun, creative, family friendly stories your going to find. I can't recommend them enough.


Brandon Sanderson wrote Alcatraz vs. The Evil Librarians as a way to clear his mind in between writing the first two Mistborn books. How he's able to do this--switch between styles and stories while maintaining perfect consistency and quality--is beyond me. But he does it, and he does it brilliantly. The 4th Alcatraz book was published in 2010, and then...nothing. The characters were left hanging, the story unresolved, and a 5th and final story promised.


6 years later...


We now have book 5, The Dark Talent. It's everything I wanted it to be as a fan of the series, but with an ending that left me scratching my head. I'm no spoiler, but I'll just warn you to not take anything BS says as Alcatraz at face value.


I think someone might have seen a few too many Marvel movies--be sure to read all the way through the end credits or you'll be extremely disappointed.


On the other hand, if you're clever enough to discover the secret, your going to close book 5 with a very big, very happy smile on your face.


Like me.


Happy Reading!


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