Boy's Life - Robert R. McCammon


Boy's Life--my life--what a great story! For 600 pages I longed to be 11 again. The 60's belonged to my parents, not to me. But the magic of childhood transcends generations. I had it for a while. My kids have it now. One day my grandkids will.


It does use a lot of words to get to where it goes--I'm not talking about the number of pages--but there is a really great story here, driven by a supporting cast of some completely wonderful characters. Boy's Life was a joy to read.


Want a happy trip through nostalgia-land? Grab Boy's Life and enjoy the ride. I suspect it will be most appreciated by adults and teens who can look back with fondness on their own magic. There are several instances of strong language from the bad guys and some painful reminders of what it was like to be African American in Alabama in 1964.


Read Boy's Life. I'm still smiling.


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