Queen of Shadows - Sarah J. Maas

Another fun addition to the series. This book is a pivotal one--the table is now set for the end game to commence. Same characters, some new ones, and even some old ones that you need to have read the prequels to understand. (Vindication! I told you to read the prequels first!)


I was a bit disappointed because all of a sudden everyone knows how to swear a lot. I guess they all must have taken a class in street slang sometime before books 3 and 4. Also,there is a little too much romantic brooding for my taste in this installment. If anyone got close enough to "share breath" with someone else one more time I might have given up...but I suppose that's why so many fans of Throne of Glass are women. I'm just here for the blood, grit, magic, dragons, witches, fighting, and redemption story.


It's worth it. Underneath all that girlie mushy stuff there's a really cool story in there.


Now I'm looking forward to book 5. I suspect I'll have to wait a while.  At least Queen of Shadows ended well. No cliff hangers to worry about!


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