I grew up a baseball fan, but I'm having the hardest time convincing my kids to follow in my footsteps.


But you know, we watched World Series game 7 together last night.  The big draw was letting them stay up WAY past bedtime.  I don't know that they'll suddenly become baseball fans--but I know they'll remember last night for the rest of their lives.  I really thought when the catcher who got painfully drilled in the leg earlier in the game came up to bat with 2 outs, bottom of the 9th, and the tieing run on 3rd, that the baseball karma gods were about to sprinkle their pixie dust and magic was about to happen.  So close. So close. But even without that magic, the game last night was still magical.  Madison Bumgarner's performance will be immortalized in that way baseball people immortalize things.  And I think my kids will immortalize last night in that way kids immortalize moments.  What a night! 


Baseball needs more game 7's.