The Lord of the Rings - J.R.R. Tolkien, J.R.R. Tolkien
There's no way I'd even attempt to give a critical review of The Lord of the Rings. For now I'll just say I loved reading it. It is the most amazing adventure--truly the "grand daddy" of them all.

Intentional or not, every modern fantasy and adventure book have been influenced Frodo, Sam, and all the rest. Harry wasn't the first wizard. Katniss wasn't the first person good with a bow. Fablehaven wasn't the first home for magical creatures. Saphira wasn't the first dragon. The Game of Thrones wasn't the first game of thrones. Edward and Bella weren't the first . . . oh, nevermind. They were the first. :-) But Jacob wasn't the first human-to-animal shape shifter. And on and on--you get the idea.

I wish I hadn't seen the movies first. As great as they are, the book is on a level more grand by far. The book ends so much better than the movie. In fact, I insist that once you read the book you also flip through the encyclopedia appendix at the end. Specifically in Appendix B: The Tale of Years make certian you read the section Later Events Concerning the Members of the Fellowship of the Ring. There you learn "the rest of the story" concerning each member of the Fellowship after the events of the Book, and it is MOST satisfying!

If there is anyone left who hasn't seen the three movies yet and hasn't read LOTR--consider yourself lucky and go read the book. If you have seen the films but haven't yet read The Lord of the Rings then pick it up and read it. You are in for a treat.

I highly recommed LOTR to all lovers of good books.