Warbreaker - Brandon Sanderson
DANG! I was just about finished with a great and long review of Warbreaker when my kindle slipped and I accidently closed with out saving. Now I'm out of energy and time, so Warbreaker is going to have to settle for the condensed version of my thoughts.

The book is great. Shrek would say its like an onion--its got a lot of layers. If you want a fun story with love and war, fighting and passion, trust and treachery, and more twists than the road to Hana, you'll enjoy Warbreaker. If you want a meaningful story with deep characters who are as flawed as they are heroic, you'll enjoy Warbreaker. If you want a thoughtful story with lessons on accepting others beliefs and learning humility, you'll enjoy Warbreaker.

As always I appreciate that there is never foul language or (overly) gratuitous violence in Brandon Sanderson's books. I must warn, however, that there is some non descriptive nudity and implied married sex in this book. On the movie screen its the kind of stuff that could be PG or R, depending on the interpretation. I won't let my kids read Warbreaker until they are 16. You, however, are encouraged to read Warbreaker....Brandon Sanderson is on his way to world wide fame because of his insane writing talents. Join the party!