Brilliance - Marcus Sakey


I love it when I enjoy a book more than I expect to.


It's a little bit science fiction, a little bit X-Men, a little bit cop story, a little but social commentary, and a lot bit non-stop excitement.


In this alternative 2013, Brilliants mysteriously started being born around 1980. Think X-Men with brain powers instead of super powers. They've made the world more technologically advanced, improved medical care, become super athletes...and showed all the rest of us how unfortunately-normal we are.


Excellent writing, smooth dialogue, interesting characters, cool "powers," fun alternatives to history (President Dukakis?), and lots of action.


There's a sex scene and some PG-13 language, so probably best to not share this one with your favorite teenagers. But discerning adults looking for a fun twist on a one-man-cop-takes-on-the-world thriller should read with confidence.


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