Let Me In (Movie Tie-in) - with Bonus Content - John Ajvide Lindqvist

You are not allowed to be here in the dark
This is our place now.
If you want to play here,

you'll have to play with us.


You want creepy? You just found it.  Let the Right One in is creepy...and disturbing...and unsettling...and dark...and sad...and ... ... ...


In between the all moist, squishy stuff there is a tender story.  Bravo to John Ajvide Lindqvist for capturing the feelings of so many sad people--The abused. The abuser. The alcoholic. The bullied. The bully.  There's only one really bad guy here...and it's not the vampire.


The vampire.  Freaky cool.  Her story is the most tragic of all.  You cheer for her--even when she's chewing on necks.


The zombie vamp.  He is one grotesque dude.  No one is cheering for him.


Major content awareness PSA: Language, blood, guts, violence, alcoholism, severe bullying, pedophilia, attempted rape of a child, genital mutilation, drugs.  Need I go on?  Not happy stuff here.


I'm not going to be reading this one again, once was enough.  For those who dig this stuff, you're going to love this. Sensitive?  This isn't for you.  No kids either.  Consenting adults only.


There's no forgetting this one.


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