Marking Time - April  White

Cool, a time travel story!


Whoa, there's vampires in here?


Wait...shape shifters too?


AND a school for young descendants of immortals where they can learn to use their powers?


AND a love triangle between a moody vampire, a hot guy who can tell the future, and an angsty girl who can travel through time?


AND war along ancient family blood lines, including snooty full-bloods who are prejudiced against half-bloods and half-bloods who accept everyone, regardless of blood lines?


AND a prophesy about a half-blood who will save the day in the end?


AND we get to meet Jack the Ripper?


Yep. All that crammed into one book. X-Men? Twilight? Harry Potter? I could feel them all in there, tweaked just enough to be unique but similar enough to be familiar. I enjoyed it once--why not again?


The story actually works really well, and it turned out to be TONS of fun. Fun enough, actually, to let me look past some of the annoying things* and just enjoy the ride.


Off to book 2!


*Manufactured love interests, clunky writing, too convenient solutions to problems, cheesy dialogue, plot twist that was visible from a million miles away, etc. Nothing so egregious that it can't be overcome by an awesome story.


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