The Coldest Girl in Coldtown - Holly Black

The Coldest Girl in Coldtown is a creepy-fun vampire story. I really liked that it's a stand alone YA novel--there are definitely not enough of those out there.  It was entertaining, and there were some unique twists to the vampires-eat-humans thing that kept it from feeling like something I've already read. Things wrapped up nicely in the end. Over all a good use of my reading time. 


It's kind of difficult to say what I didn't love about it. I think it's probably several little things. It's very dark and quite gory. The obligatory vampire/human romance--while actually a very small part of the over all story--was super weird. There is a transgender character whose transgender-ness is mentioned only once in passing but never brought up again (even though I was waiting for it to become a thing), making it feel kind of gimmicky to have even mentioned it in the first place. The characters all had not-quite-right reactions to the extremely traumatic events that occur, making things feel off because my heart and my head didn't match. The main character seemed intent on always making the worst possible choices.


Maybe in this version of our world, where vampires exist and terror hides in every dark place, every one is just a little bit crazy. At least that makes sense. 


Read this one if you like creepy and don't mind lots of blood. It's about teens who drink, make poor choices, don't respect authority, and are obsessed with death. Oh, and did I mention the Vampires? Lots and lots of Vampires.


Adults only. Don't say I didn't warn you...