Fairest - Marissa Meyer

For fans of the Lunar Chronicles, Fairest is a must read. This is some seriously great backstory on Lavana, the creepy Lunar Queen.


Turns out she never had a chance to be anything but rotten.


Sympathy? A bit. Do I hope she gets hers? Oh yes. And I hope Cinder and Winter get to give it to her together.


Winter was the true beneficiary of this backstory--which was certainly the goal with Winter, the final book of the Lunar Chronicles, out in September. We already know Cinder, but Winter was a bit of a mystery. Cinder was lucky, she was able to escape Lavana. Poor Winter was raised by the crazy woman!


Now, if you're not a fan of the Lunar Chronicles, it's because you haven't read them yet. I recommend you fix that immediately. This is a really fun ride!