Firefight - Brandon Sanderson

Brandon Sanderson can do no wrong.


Well, I guess he can almost do wrong.  I just finished Firefight, and it is awesome—better than Steelheart, actually.   But now my heart is racing and my mind is buzzing—and I’m stranded mid-story until sometime in 2016.  So, crap.  I hate that.


Of course, the only reason for the hate is that I loved the story.  This time David, Prof, and Tia leave Newcago to confront Regalia—the powerful Epic who rules Babylon Restored, previously known as the island of Manhattan.  Firefight is action driven, and there are plenty of those brilliant Sanderson-ized action sequences.  As in Steelheart, the story revolves around David, and of course he has plenty of opportunities to be dorkishly awesome.  The plot joyfully twists and turns.  I thought I had it figured out several times, but still the end left me surprised and happy. 


So happy, in fact, that waiting for the conclusion of the story might ruin my day.  Thanks for that Brandon Sanderson.


I’m going to insist my kids read Steelheart, but I might have them wait until 2016 to spare them the torture of having to wait for a resolution.