I am not an author. Maybe one day, but not today. I love books though, and I respect the heck out of people that write them.


That's why I'm fascinated by the evolution of self-publishing as facilitated by Amazon and promoted by the likes of Hugh Howey, and I try to stay close to how the publishing landscape is changing. This post from Hugh does a fantastic job of hitting the high points of 2014, declaring it a "watershed year for the book biz."


"Where Do We Go From Here?" by Hugh Howey


No sure how incendiary this is around here...I know many folks left Goodreads for Booklikes after Amazon bought Goodreads out of some moral opposition to Amazon's big business model. I for one love Amazon, particularly because Kindle, Amazon Self Publishing, and Amazon's buying power have given me the opportunity to become the ferocious reader I've wanted to be my whole life but never had been able to because of the cost and the space books take up. Today I can literally carry my entire library in my pocket.  Probably 50% of the books in my library were free, and most others I purchased for under $2.00.  Not only does this enable me to read what ever I want, when ever I want, I'm able to discover authors I never would have found otherwise. For me, this is a beautiful thing.


If 2014 was a watershed year for the book biz, I'm excited to see what's to come in 2015 and beyond.


Go read something awesome.