Legion: Skin Deep - Brandon Sanderson

Seriously, when is this going to be turned into a TV series? It'd be a hit!


Steven Leeds is a genius for hire. He leads a team of experts--currently 47 of them--in solving mysteries and puzzles.


Steven Leeds is also a conscious psychotic, somewhere between schizophrenic and something not yet defined. Conscious, because he is fully aware of what is real and what is not. Psychotic, because his team of 47 experts doesn't actually exist--at least not to anyone but Steven. He calls them his "aspects;" they are manifestations of his own compartmentalized knowledge that are visible only to him. 


Oh man, get ready: this guy is completely fascinating...each aspect is it's own character, complete with personality, feelings, backstory, emotions, relationships, and motivations--all taking place in the mind of Steven Leeds. They are different sexes and races. They have romantic relationships with each other, fight with each other, and get annoyed with each other. When they all get together to help Steven solve a puzzle, the entertainment value is sky high, especially when others are there to witness it!


This is actually the second Legion story, the first being a 100 page novella that introduces Steven and his "quirks." If I were you, I'd start there, although that's more due to my Steven Leeds like need for order...you won't actually miss anything if you read Skin Deep first.


If you haven't experienced the brilliance of Brandon Sanderson yet, maybe this is a good place for you to start. Of course, Mistborn would be an excellent start too. So would Elantris, The Emperor's Soul, Words of Radiance, Steelheart, or The Rithmatist. Brandon Sanderson has never written anything less than awesome.


Legion: Skin Deep included.