Crux - Ramez Naam
Great action, annoying philosophy

I've said it many times in my book reviews...I hate being preached to. If I want someone to try to persuade me to join their cause or become a disciple of their point of view I will read their non-fiction book on the topic. If I read your fiction I'm not interested in your philosophy! I want to be entertained, not proselytized!

That said, the times when Crux wasn't trying to convince me to become a Buddhist or that the corrupt government is out to get us, this book was pretty cool. I liked it better than Nexus. Now that the characters have been with me for two books, they are starting to develop meaning and become more than just words on a page. The action was really, really cool! Of course I should have know the story wasn't going to stop with Crux. Now I'm stuck in the middle of a story with no sequel in sight.

Watch out for the swearing. Someone needs to get this guy a thesaurus. Other than that, as long as you're an adult and interested in science fiction-action (heavy of the science) I say go for it. The worst part is that you have to read Nexus first!