Sand Omnibus - Hugh Howey
Some author's you have to drop everything for...

...and Hugh Howey is one of them. When a new Hugh Howey book is available, I'm forced to stop what I'm currently reading to find out what bit of awesomeness he has created for me this time.

Sand delivers. It's touching AND exciting. Obviously Hugh and I share a common believe that there is nothing more important than might say blood runs thicker than sand.

And I'm pretty sure I now have a phobia of being buried alive in sand. Thank you for that Hugh.

There was way more swearing than I will typically tolerate, and honestly it was a huge source of frustration for me while reading Sand. Hugh did mention several times this would be the case, but I still wish it wasn't there.

But if you don't mind being slammed in the face by four-letter-words, I can't recommend Sand enough. And if you haven't already read everything Hugh Howey has written you are already WAY late to the party, so get moving!